Chemical synapses between neurons of the fly visual medulla

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  1. Within a central, reference medulla column, two proofreaders attempted to assign each synaptic contact to its pre- and postsynaptic neurons. In approx. 50% of the cases, they were able to complete the assignment, achieving >90% certainty for the assigned synapses. The 50% assignment rate implies that any pair of neurons in the central column (detailed here) connected with >5 contacts is present with >95% probability and, similarly, any pair of neurons in the central column that is unconnected has ≤ 5 synaptic contacts (again with >95% probability).
  2. Outside of the central column, synaptic contacts between L1 and Tm3 neurons, Tm3 and T4 neurons, and Mi1 and T4 neurons were traced by an expert proofreader. Synaptic contacts between other neurons outside the reference column were not uniformly traced.
  3. We reserve the right to update the number of synaptic contacts in the future.

For technical details, please see the online methods in Takemura et al., 2013.


A bug was noted in this website on Nov 8, 2013 that resulted in the false absence from search results of any neurons that only received synaptic contacts (i.e., purely postsynaptic neurons). This bug has been fixed. Click here for a detailed list of the affected neurons.